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Making things for people.


GatoGringo in an emerging brewing company based in Peru. The company’s founder Mariana Orihuela, inspired by Florida’s craft beer boom, wanted to take her passion for artisan flavor down south to her home city of Lima. 

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Bottle mockup

GatoGringo’s branding was inspired by the founder’s cat, Raja. In designing the logo I wanted to capture the kind of divinity cats project and thought of it as a playful pray candle with bright colors and bold lines. We are still in the initial phases of branding and hope to build on this aesthetic as the company grows.

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business card


style guide


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Echo Chamber was a performance piece, written and performed by Khushbu Shah in conjunction with Yale's School of Drama. The piece was a exploration of technology as it relates to inner-personal relationships in regards to time, memory and representation.

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Infograph created to showcase marketing architecture approach for the largest apartment complex in New York, Peter Cooper Village/Stuy Town. The general idea was to showcase PCVST's extensive community of 500 caring workers as an asset unique to New York's current residential spaces.

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